An Incubator Program Developing  Psychedelic

Wellness Retreats for Destination  Resorts & Spas

Our Mission


To support advanced studies and develop protocols for entry-level

psychedelic wellness retreat experiences provided at up-scale destinations.

Develop programs mainly for middle-agers wanting these experience journeys for mental health wellness, change, and reinventing themselves.


Concurrently, to support the best destinations

with the know-how to host the retreats.



Think; visionary teacher plants - holistic therapies - fresh-air - nature - 

guided journey's where you are a pilgrim in your own immersive story -   organic products - quiet solitude - inspiration - and gratitude for the details 






A Safe Introduction for 

Adults of Age

Field Trips   coming to 

U.S., Mexico and Costa Rica

Vision Quest Journey.jpg



The Vision Trip 

A Vision Quest Journey

for   midlife change



The Retreat Journal is forming a team of advisors to develop and test

special plant medicine therapy retreats for mental health and life change.

In April 2021, we are starting an incubator program to partner with a few of the 

most innovative locations that will host our first retreat programs and studies.

Report from Global Wellness Institue:

There’s been a huge shift in the way people think about mental wellness. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, 15 percent of the world’s population suffered from mental illness and substance abuse disorders, dementia was on the rise and happiness was declining. In fact, the economic and social burden of mental illness and mental unwellness is predicted to reach US$16.1tn (€13.5tn, £12.2tn) globally by 2030 according to the World Economic Forum. 

Psilocybin Mushrooms at the forefront


For thousands of years, magic mushrooms were used in cultures worldwide: from the Ancient Greeks (yes, Plato and Socrates) to the Aztecs. And, in the 1960s, leading medical institutions like Harvard undertook studies indicating magic mushrooms’ serious promise for things like depression and addiction. All of which came to a crashing, counterculture-fearing halt when many countries, like France (1966), the US (1970), and the UK (2005), made them (and other psychedelics) highly illegal drugs, putting the kibosh on this important research for decades.


Well, now the research is again on fire, with dozens of studies coming out of top universities like Imperial College-London, NYU, UCLA, the University of Zurich, and Johns Hopkins (with its dedicated Psilocybin Research institute) on magic mushrooms’ too-powerful-to-be-ignored impact on everything from nicotine and alcohol addiction, PTSD, headaches, OCD—and especially depression and anxiety…often with a single dose, and with the positive effects lasting months.


As Roland Griffiths, Ph.D., one of the top US psychopharmacologists and lead psilocybin investigators at Johns Hopkins, put it, “It’s a Rip Van Winkle effect—after three decades of no research, we’re rubbing the sleep from our eyes.” 

Because the rediscovery and creative uses of mushrooms—in mental wellness, as true superfoods, and in beauty products (and more)—will be a top wellness trend. “Brain resetting” magic mushrooms will start to emerge from underground: More people will microdose them as creativity and brain boosters (a Silicon Valley “start-up” practice now spreading around the world).


And, yes, magic mushroom retreats will keep popping up in places where legal (Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, or the Netherlands), where the “trip” gets combined with increasingly luxe wellness experiences. And we’ll see movement on the legalization front, making this magic mushroom moment reminiscent of the early days of the cannabis-as-wellness trend.

Key leaders dedicating time to advocate and support the future of Psychedelic Retreats for grown-ups

Maria Camille

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Founder, The Retreat Journal   

The Vision Trip Retreat Program

Henry Mariano

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Co-Founder, Tabula Rasa Ventures

Advisor to The Retreat Journal

Jessika Lagarde

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Co-Founder, Women on Psychedelics

Advisor to The Retreat Journal

Marik Hazan

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Founder, Tabula Rasa Ventures

Advisor to The Retreat Journal

John B. Turner

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Founder, - Advisor to Tabual Rasa - The Retreat Journal

Mayra Armijo Ugalde

Advisor - Wisdom Keeper of Aztec Astrology, Psychology, Philosophy, and Pre-Hispanic application in psychology, plant medicine therapeutics, and education, 

A Plant Medicine Vision Quest Journey coming

to wellness retreats worldwide

Tim Sae Koo

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Partner, 1heart  -  Advisor, ThirdWave  -  Startup Angel Investor

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