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and Seekers for a  Positive Future . . . 


Our mission is about encouraging people worldwide to take time to

reflect, renew, rejuvenate and reinvent one's purpose and wellbeing 

The Retreat Journal 

Inside The Retreat Journal pages, you’ll find an exploration of dreams and reality and the transitory nature of retreating. Look for the coolest most innovative locations worldwide hosting conscious plant medicine retreats, wellbeing inspiration, and ideas for recharging, rejuvenating, and reinventing lifestyles, and healthy living. 


There are so many ways to "retreat" - we look to give our readers suggestions, news, and trends. Ultimately, we share short narratives driven by pictures and visual storytelling.


Like the cool side of the pillow, we hope The Retreat Journal catches you off guard a little. We hope the pages surprise you and take you on some kind of journey through your own subconscious for change. We think it’ll pair well for choosing new ideas to switch-off, un-plug and gain new inspiration.   


Thank you for showing up and may you become one of our dearest friends.

Maria Camille, Publisher


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