An Incubator Program Developing  Psychedelic
Wellness Retreats for Destination  Resorts & Spas

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Our Mission


To support advanced studies and develop protocols for entry-level

psychedelic wellness retreat experiences provided at up-scale destinations.

Develop programs mainly for middle-agers wanting these experience journeys for mental health wellness, change, and reinventing themselves.


Concurrently, to support the best destinations

with the know-how to host the retreats.



Think; visionary teacher plants - holistic therapies - fresh-air - nature - 

guided journey's where you are a pilgrim in your own immersive story -   organic products - quiet solitude - inspiration - and gratitude for the details 


Middle Aged





A Safe Introduction for 

Adults of Age

Field Trips   coming to 

U.S., Mexico and Costa Rica

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The Vision Trip 

A Vision Quest Journey

for   midlife change



The Retreat Journal is forming a team of advisors to develop and test

special plant medicine therapy retreats for mental health and life change.

In April 2021, we are starting an incubator program to partner with a few of the 

most innovative locations that will host our first retreat programs and studies.

See our new website at:

Key leaders dedicating time to advocate and support the future of Psychedelic Retreats for grown-ups

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Maria Camille

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Founder, The Retreat Journal   

The Vision Trip Retreat Program

Henry Mariano

Henry Mariano

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Co-Founder, Tabula Rasa Ventures

Advisor to The Retreat Journal

Jessika Lagarde

Jessika Lagarde

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Co-Founder, Women on Psychedelics

Advisor to The Retreat Journal

Marik Hazan

Marik Hazan

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Founder, Tabula Rasa Ventures

Advisor to The Retreat Journal

John Turner

John B. Turner

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Founder, - Advisor to Tabual Rasa - The Retreat Journal


Mayra Armijo Ugalde

Advisor - Wisdom Keeper of Aztec Astrology, Psychology, Philosophy, and Pre-Hispanic application in psychology, plant medicine therapeutics, and education, 

A Plant Medicine Vision Quest Journey coming

to wellness retreats worldwide


Tim Sae Koo

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Partner, 1heart  -  Advisor, ThirdWave  -  Startup Angel Investor