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At a time when almost every facet of our lives has seemingly been taken over, it's exceedingly refreshing to reinvent a new lifestyle for the future.


Our mission is to share the motivation to gain wellbeing, inspiration, meaningful downtime, transformation, and self-actualization. 


Fresh-air nature retreats - plant medicine retreats, linked journey's where the guest is the pilgrim in an immersive story - Zen - Wabi-Sabi - sleep/retreat rooms, organic products, quiet solitude, sound and light inspiration, creative healthy food, off-the-grid, gratitude for the details, and healing treatments - it's an exploration of dreams, reality and the transitory nature of learning how to retreat.


It comes down to; people see the need to retreat for transformation and self-actualization to create "a better me.” It's becoming less about “what I have” and more about “who I am.  And transformational experiences can absolutely be in locations where there are no planned venues or programs - for many, it's just about rest, the flow of nature, and surrounding beauty.  But when a guest wants to join an activity, the perfect scenarios have been created.

It's our passion to explore and grow this segment of retreat travel . . . 


Maria Camille

Founder - Publisher 

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