The Retreat Journal consults with up-scale destination resorts, retreats, and spas on how to bring healing plant medicine and psychedelic therapies to their properties.

In March 2021, we are starting an incubator program to partner with some of the most innovative locations worldwide to develop and host The Vision Trip program - a conscious plant medicine retreat for reinventing change and wellbeing. 


Key leaders dedicating time to advocate and support the future of Plant Medicine Retreats

Maria Camille

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Founder, The Retreat Journal   

The Vision Trip Retreat Program

Henry Mariano

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Co-Founder, Tabula Rasa Ventures

Advisor to The Retreat Journal

Jessika Lagarde

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Co-Founder, Women on Psychedelics

Advisor to The Retreat Journal

Marik Hazan

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Founder, Tabula Rasa Ventures

Advisor to The Retreat Journal

John B. Turner

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Founder, Trippingly.net - Advisor to Tabual Rasa - The Retreat Journal

Mayra Armijo Ugalde

Advisor - Wisdom Keeper of Aztec Astrology, Psychology, Philosophy, and Pre-Hispanic application in psychology, plant medicine therapeutics, and education, 

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