Give Yourself Permission to Wander

It takes courage to put yourself first and go on a retreat or lengthy sabbatical.

Remember when you were young?

When your creative non-conformity was full of infinite potential? Crazy ideas turned into stories of reality, each with there own special conclusion.

It’s because you were not afraid of your creative Freedom. You always thought of wild seductive alternatives.

Depressing isn’t it?

You think about traveling the world to work on your dream project — at least for part of your life. After all, everyone needs a break to expand in creative new ways - right?

But as you dwell on the implications of giving up your home base and jobs that support you and your family, it quickly becomes unthinkable.

It's like you’re here, but you want to be there.

You spend countless hours trying to narrow the divide.

You’ve been paying your dues, tightening your boot-straps, and wiping sweat, but yet we feel guilty if we’re not actively playing to Win everyday – every hour.

We see success stories of start-ups and new celebrity creators - all shiny happy people flashing new cars, fashion and white teeth. Consuming success stories about them somehow creates the need to hurry up with our own creation.

It's time to stop this life regime . . . it's time to find your Power Place and take a Monk Break.

Monk Breaks are where you find the teacherless learning and the creativity to plan a new path. It's retreating in the purest sense - going alone. This is one of best ways to form new ideas about the future.

When alone you can imagine anything you want, make mistakes, cry in fear and no one will know. Once you pass the solitude test and gain confidence, nothing will break you.

It’s about giving up your current identity, where you may be living a false truth. New space gives you time to develop into something more.

Because our lives are so busy and noisy, taking a Monk Break will feel like a crisis.That’s why it works. Your demons will seek you out. This cultivation is a battle of self — for a lifetime. You will feel you have to recuperate from your recuperation.

It comes down to reinventing yourself without an idea or concept of what the outcome will be.

Change is a deliberate growth.

It’s a hard-earned wisdom.

It’s as basic as that.

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