The Future of Wellness Travel

Updated: Feb 22

A BIG shift is happening - not only within our connected world challenges but how people of all ages are wanting to retreat from large mass-produced anything.

It starts with a calling to take time, plan change, reenergize, and create space to expand your life and worldview.

The emerging trend is to take time for a retreat at least once or twice a year. We all need it - don't we? Because it's becoming less about “what we have” and more about “who we can become."

Simple is in - it's a the new luxury.

In the future look for more full-surround styles of retreating - such as your own cabin-in-the-woods, pop-up glam retreats in unusual locations, boutique retreats where you can stay for over a month on a special rate. The developing new retreats are distinct and immersive.

Retreating in immersive unique locations - the options are wonderful

Scarboro Camp

Pop-up camps of all kinds are growing as creative original ideas are inspired by the most unusual locations worldwide. These roving retreat hubs are popping up in the middles of deserts, forests, in the mountains and hanging off cliffs.

Creators of these retreats are at the top of their game. You experience the feeling - yet do not see the ingenuity and work that went into creating these incredible experiences.

Waterfall Villas, Costa Rica

New innovative creators are designing immersive experiences sparked by the desire to switch off, unwind and recreate.

Look for opportunities to immerse yourself in unusual environments where you gain personal growth, self-understanding, and inspiration for creating new ideas and reinventing yourself.

Fresh-air nature retreats - artist and writer residencies - linked multi-property wellness where the guest is the pilgrim in an immersive story - Zen - Wabi-Sabi - Ikigai - Lagom - Hygge, sagging not aging, sleep/retreat rooms, organic products, quiet solitude, sound and light inspiration, gratitude for the details, and wellness safaris - this is the vibe of the future.

Sycamore Springs, California

Think about NOT filling every hour with activities as if you were on a forced march. Let it be more about having supreme time with yourself instead of the constant stimulus of others' thoughts and programs.

The Idea of "Quiet" is Huge!

Imagine traveling to the northern part of Bali where only one lone resort sits surrounded by beaches and silence. All you hear is the gentle sway of palm trees in the gentle breeze and the lapping of ocean waves on the sand. Sounds pretty darn peaceful, right?

Escaping to a remote location has science-backed health benefits. After you experience and get used to being in a quiet place, you'll start "hunting" silence and these types of properties.

The most quiet place I've visited - Spa Village Tembok, Bali

Look for signature Wellness Safari's where surprises are revealed throughout the day. Watch for multidimensional mind, body experiences combined with psychedelic plant medicine tonics, delightful healthy meals, exemplary healers, water - earth - fire and metal elements - then back to an evening of surprises to gently put you into a delightful, restorative sleep experience.

Spend the day in a tipi as your base camp - take it from there and journey into the heart of trees.

Plan your day around several sensory journey's. You could spend the morning in water . . . an afternoon in the woods . . . an evening enjoying a meal with healthy small plates, then sky-gazing as you drink a healthy cacao sleep adaptogen and envision creative new ideas for your future.

Are you feeling the vibe?

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