Like the cool side of the pillow, a personal retreat should refresh and catch you off-guard just a little.

The World Health Organization officially recognized burnout as a condition in May 2019 - but the rest of us in the world already knew burnout was real because we live it. 

Today, worldwide, there are so many incredibly inspiring and forward thinking locations and properties for every type of retreat you can imagine.


It can be challenging to find all the options - so we are slowly putting a very creative idea together - called Global Retreat Week on Tour.  For Global Retreat Week on Tour, we'll be partnering with the most incredible destination retreats worldwide who will be offering special retreat experiences during specific dates year-round. 

We look for interesting retreat locations and retreat related activities that help and inspire people with life changes. We look to serve those with a passion for wellbeing, authenticity, thought-provoking programs, unique venues, design, and retreat presentation.  


So, we welcome you to our exploration of dreams and reality and the transitory nature of retreating through Global Retreat Week on Tour . . . launching in 2021.

We Welcome your Suggestions


If you know of a special resort/retreat location, or a property especially set up for retreating we want to hear from you. Email to:


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